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Purchase channels of stationery

grance | 29 April, 2020 15:30

At the entrance of many schools, the business of stationery stores is very popular, so many people want to open a stationery store. So, How to find the supplies for stationery store? Which wholesaler makes the purchase more reliable? Many novice merchants are not very clear about some stationery purchase channels. Below I will give you a detailed introduction of the most commonly used stationery purchase channels for general merchants as a reference. First, consider whether it is possible to become a brand dealer. If your business area is sufficient, the sales volume is stable, and you can provide a certain amount of items for manufacturers, you can consider signing contracts with some stationery manufacturers. Cooperation with manufacturers requires financial strength and sales performance, both of which are indispensable. Open the purchase channel of the stationery store 1: first-line brand Now, please follow the editor to take a look at the brand choice. In general, the advantages and disadvantages of first-tier and second-tier brands are also obvious. The advantages of first-line brands are high visibility, rich categories, strong advertising and store image support, and various support channels (exhibitions, supply meetings, member stores). Its shortcomings are that the price control is strict, the purchase price does not have much room for maneuver, and the relative frequency of sales promotion is average. Open the purchase channel of the stationery store 2: prefecture-level dealers The second kind of purchase channel is the regional distributor. It has the advantages of fast response, door-to-door delivery, and support for advertising from manufacturers through it, which is convenient for the development of interpersonal relationships and human touch. The disadvantage is that the price is high, the shipment volume is average, and the supply may not be timely in the peak sales season. Open the purchase channel of the stationery store 2: online supplier Your online suppliers come from all over the world. You can limit the suppliers in some regions by modifying the region, or you can find the suitable overseas suppliers through price comparison. Generally speaking, the prices of stationery provided by suppliers in countries such as China and India will be relatively low. But you need to consider product quality, shipping costs, and whether the shipping time is acceptable. As a daily necessity, stationery has considerable sales and profits. Wholesale stationery is also a good choice for starting a business.

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